Win Some, Loose Some

To start off, I’m sorry for being late on blogging. It’s been a busy November, College moves much faster then High school. So my life in the past month was all about studying, Winning an Intramural  soccer tournament, and enjoying Thanksgiving break . I’m going to explain what happened in each one of these things.

Studying hasn’t been a strong suit of mine and I learned really quickly that i didn’t know how to study well and needed a way that worked for me. I’ve tried a couple different methods like going over things continuously in hope it sticks in my mind. I’ve also tried rewriting notes and information I’ve received to see if that would work, but of course it did not. My new method is to apply what I learned to the world around me, so things that I can see, feel, and hear.

Being crowned Champion of  Intramural Hall (Resident Halls) Soccer feels pretty good, We barely had practices because we all had busy schedules and it all was suppose to be just for fun, but as soon as we knew we had a chance to win it all we got serious. In the end we came out with the Win.

Over thanksgiving i spent my time in Houston. I stayed with a friend so I wouldn’t have to go all the way back to Minnesota.  It was nice to get away from school, and have some good food. It was a time to relax and have fun. Thanksgiving was good, and it was a time of distressing, and also getting to know Houston better. I also went black Friday shopping, and got some good deals. Overall it was a good break, a bit too short though.


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