Back To School


This month I returned to Texas State after a very long, but needed winter break. At the beginning of January, I was still in Houston, staying with a friend. We focused on relaxing and doing new things around the area. We tried staying in shape by playing soccer at different parks, and going on walks. I also celebrated my friend’s 19th birthday in Houston, and we went to a popular night club in Houston called Spire  for a concert .

I came back to school on January 20th, and had to settle back into my dorm and the college lifestyle.  I started my new classes, and am getting into the swing of things. My classes this semester seem more challenging than last, so I know I’m going to have to work harder to be successful. I also have 2 online classes, so I can’t procrastinate my work either. Coming back now for my second semester, I’m more ready because I know I have to get on top of m y work. I also have a better understanding of how college works. I’m still making more friends, which makes college easier, and a lot of fun.

One thought on “Back To School

  1. Cool, good to hear an update! Sounds like you really set yourself up for a challenge. Once or twice in my college years I found myself overburdened, so I reduced my course load and that helped. I hope you get through it and get that feeling of accomplishment at the end!


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