On To The Next One


My Freshmen year at Texas State had various amount of emotions from classes, friends, being part of clubs and to just being one of the students attending Texas State University. Coming to college changed me in a couple of ways, I’m more confident, Selfless, outgoing, focused, and driven to succeed in everything I do. Also as you can see in the left picture I changed my hair style, trying something different.

I joined the executive board of Black Men United for the next school year, I’m looking forward to being one of many wonderful leaders at Texas state. Our goal is to show excellence and strive for greatness.

School is coming to an end, which means getting down and studying for all of my courses. Finals are in a week and after that I go back to Minnesota and start working to save up money for the next following year. My whole summer will be mainly focused on working almost 24/7, growing up doesn’t really have room for fun unless its scheduled. I was hoping to go to Mexico this summer but I guess that will have to wait. Till next year.

One thought on “On To The Next One

  1. Man, I hope you get to have some fun this summer! Or at least, whatever you end up doing for money, I hope it’s fun. 🙂


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