received_904587303080472 Becoming a bobcat was one of the best decisions I could of ever made. I’m loving the experience and all the people I’ve met. I’ve joined 3 clubs; Construction Student Association , African Student Organizations , and Black Men United . I’m also part of intermural indoor soccer with my dorm mates. I’m having alot of fun.

In terms of classes, I’m doing good in all of them except chemistry but I’m getting help figuring that out. People here are super helpful and there’s alot of programs that are in place to make sure everyone succeeds. Today is also my birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate.

How It All Begins.

I would like to start out by thanking everyone in Concord for this great opportunity. Thank you guys for all the advice and support.

From Graduating to arriving to Texas state, my summer has been filled with work, preparation, and a bit of fun. I’m really excited and ready for this school year. Since arriving I’ve met so many people, the environment is amazing, the weather is just to my liking, everything is going really well. I’m hopping to make a lot of connections and be successful.  Can’t wait for what the future holds for me here!