On To The Next One


My Freshmen year at Texas State had various amount of emotions from classes, friends, being part of clubs and to just being one of the students attending Texas State University. Coming to college changed me in a couple of ways, I’m more confident, Selfless, outgoing, focused, and driven to succeed in everything I do. Also as you can see in the left picture I changed my hair style, trying something different.

I joined the executive board of Black Men United for the next school year, I’m looking forward to being one of many wonderful leaders at Texas state. Our goal is to show excellence and strive for greatness.

School is coming to an end, which means getting down and studying for all of my courses. Finals are in a week and after that I go back to Minnesota and start working to save up money for the next following year. My whole summer will be mainly focused on working almost 24/7, growing up doesn’t really have room for fun unless its scheduled. I was hoping to go to Mexico this summer but I guess that will have to wait. Till next year.

March Madness

IMG_0184This month was very eventful. It was spring break, and I went down to South Padre with a group of friends. We rented a house and had 25 people stay, it was definitely crowded, but it made for a good adventure. I had never been to South Padre, and it was good to explore more of Texas. I got to meet a lot of new people, and have fun along the way. Unfortunately the weather in Padre was cold and rainy the whole time, but it didn’t stop the fun. I got to experience a whole new environment, being next to the beach for a week. When we were there, my friend got us wrist bands that got us into concerts and events for free. Every night we went somewhere, and it was cool to be at the clubs and venues with no worries about school or having to do something the next day.

Over spring break I also went to Houston. This was following going to South Padre, and it was nice to come back to reality and relax for a little bit before returning back to school. I am getting to know Texas better the longer I am here, and it is a nice change from being in Minnesota. I got to eat good food back in Houston which is different from eating the same meals over and over again at school.

After spring break ended, it was time to return back to school. I had a lot of work that I needed to finish in order to prepare for tests and get back on top of things. Spring break was fun, and went by too quickly, but it was a good break to help me push through to be motivated to finish my freshman year strong.

Free Bird

The month of february was nothing special, but it was still interesting. I got to take a free trip to Chicago to see my friend’s family. It was very cold there but it was worth it because I got to experience being in a different city.  I’ve been to Chicago before but I’ve never been to the city before so I got to learn a lot about the culture there and their way of life. Sadly because of the weather there was not much to do because most of the activities were outdoors, so I mostly just stayed in side and got to know people.

February went pretty fast for school because it is the shortest month, but also because I was keeping myself busy.  I had lots of work to do, but I managed to stay on top of it for the most part. I realized my classes for this semester aren’t quite as hard as last, but there is still a decent work load, and I have to continue to do extra rhings to keep up.  I am learning nee things in each class, and meeting new people along the way too. I now feel like I have more of a grasp on the college life, and I am expanding my social group, which is allowing me to see things from a different perspective than last semester. 13770F27-38DA-4469-8B0C-290E46B28927

Back To School


This month I returned to Texas State after a very long, but needed winter break. At the beginning of January, I was still in Houston, staying with a friend. We focused on relaxing and doing new things around the area. We tried staying in shape by playing soccer at different parks, and going on walks. I also celebrated my friend’s 19th birthday in Houston, and we went to a popular night club in Houston called Spire  for a concert .

I came back to school on January 20th, and had to settle back into my dorm and the college lifestyle.  I started my new classes, and am getting into the swing of things. My classes this semester seem more challenging than last, so I know I’m going to have to work harder to be successful. I also have 2 online classes, so I can’t procrastinate my work either. Coming back now for my second semester, I’m more ready because I know I have to get on top of m y work. I also have a better understanding of how college works. I’m still making more friends, which makes college easier, and a lot of fun.



My first semester of college was a memorable one. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but I pulled through in the end. It went by faster than I was expecting and before I knew it I was heading back home to Minnesota.

Going back to Minnesota was a strange feeling, but well needed. I got to catch up with friends and family that I hadn’t seen. I also got to hear about everyone’s college life and experiences. I also reunited with my church community, and it was good to be back home. The weather was a little bit of a shock coming from Texas, and then being in freezing temperatures and snow.

For Christmas I spent time with my family and relatives that I haven’t seen in some time. We stayed at home and ate lots of food while we opened presents. I attended church with my cousins on Christmas eve to celebrate. It was a great experience because there were so many people and it was a nice ceremony. For New Years my friend came up to visit me, and we went to church until midnight to start 2019. We then got to see old friends at parties.

After all the holidays were over I returned to Texas, and stayed with a friend in Houston. I wanted to get out of the cold and prepare for school to start. Going home felt short and long at the same time, but it was enjoyable. Overall, 2018 and the month of December in particular because of returning home taught me about myself and what I want to achieve in this next coming semester of college. I am going to try harder in school, as well as stay true to myself and where I come from.

Win Some, Loose Some

To start off, I’m sorry for being late on blogging. It’s been a busy November, College moves much faster then High school. So my life in the past month was all about studying, Winning an Intramural  soccer tournament, and enjoying Thanksgiving break . I’m going to explain what happened in each one of these things.

Studying hasn’t been a strong suit of mine and I learned really quickly that i didn’t know how to study well and needed a way that worked for me. I’ve tried a couple different methods like going over things continuously in hope it sticks in my mind. I’ve also tried rewriting notes and information I’ve received to see if that would work, but of course it did not. My new method is to apply what I learned to the world around me, so things that I can see, feel, and hear.

Being crowned Champion of  Intramural Hall (Resident Halls) Soccer feels pretty good, We barely had practices because we all had busy schedules and it all was suppose to be just for fun, but as soon as we knew we had a chance to win it all we got serious. In the end we came out with the Win.

Over thanksgiving i spent my time in Houston. I stayed with a friend so I wouldn’t have to go all the way back to Minnesota.  It was nice to get away from school, and have some good food. It was a time to relax and have fun. Thanksgiving was good, and it was a time of distressing, and also getting to know Houston better. I also went black Friday shopping, and got some good deals. Overall it was a good break, a bit too short though.


The scary Month


It is now the season of the grind. As we get closer to Thanksgiving the stress level rises, more homework, quiz’s and exams. I’m actually impressed with my self on how I’m able to handle all of it with no problems. But the key to not stressing is having great friends that support you through it all. Great friends like the ones in the picture above. For anyone who’s struggling right now towards the end of the first semester, my advice for you guys is stay ahead of the work, ask all your friends and professors for help, it’s hard to do all on your own. Also have time to relax and have fun, don’t drive yourself into the ground with working all of time. Have fun it’s Halloween. 🎃 🎃 🎃


received_904587303080472 Becoming a bobcat was one of the best decisions I could of ever made. I’m loving the experience and all the people I’ve met. I’ve joined 3 clubs; Construction Student Association , African Student Organizations , and Black Men United . I’m also part of intermural indoor soccer with my dorm mates. I’m having alot of fun.

In terms of classes, I’m doing good in all of them except chemistry but I’m getting help figuring that out. People here are super helpful and there’s alot of programs that are in place to make sure everyone succeeds. Today is also my birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate.

How It All Begins.

I would like to start out by thanking everyone in Concord for this great opportunity. Thank you guys for all the advice and support.

From Graduating to arriving to Texas state, my summer has been filled with work, preparation, and a bit of fun. I’m really excited and ready for this school year. Since arriving I’ve met so many people, the environment is amazing, the weather is just to my liking, everything is going really well. I’m hopping to make a lot of connections and be successful.  Can’t wait for what the future holds for me here!